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Text Processing with Boost

Speaker: Eric Niebler


Text Processing with Boost February 2007 meeting of the Northwest C++ Users Group. The abysmal support in the C and C++ standard libraries for string handling has driven many programmers to other languages like Perl and Python. Boost aims to reverse that trend. Libraries such as Boost.Lexical_cast, Boost.String_algo, Boost.Regex, Boost.Xpressive and Boost.Spirit are invaluable tools for slicing and dicing strings. If your task is as simple as turning an integer into a string, or as complicated as developing a parser generator for a new scripting language, Boost has a library that can help. In addition to covering all the afore mentioned libraries from a user’s perspective, we’ll also look at how Boost can be used to get more out of the standard IOstreams, and discover some hidden gems in Boost for dealing with Unicode.